Your questions, answered

Can I use this on sensitive skin?

Every skin reacts differently. While our product is made with active bio ingredients, we encourage all our customers to perform a 48-hours patch test before use.

What are active bio ingredients

They are natural ingredients produced from sustainable farming.

What is the shelf life for the products?

The recommended shelf life is 36 months if unopened, or 24 months after opening.

Are these products tested on animals?

We love our furry friends and will never do that to them. Our products are cruelty-free and certified Vegan.

Are these suitable for mummies too?

Of course! Our products are light and gentle on the skin to create a natural finishing touch.

Can I get free samples?

Unfortunately we do not give out samples but we have giveaways where you can receive retail size products.

Some of the products do not have any smell. Why's that?

They are fragrant-free

I’ve never heard of liquid lip balm.

This is our new innovation. We produced liquid lip balm for little ones to mimic mummy using her lip gloss. The liquid lip balm works the same as a wax-based lip balm. It is infused with emollient ingredients such as shea butter and vitamin E that moisturizes the lips.

Can I really use the lip stick on the cheeks and vice versa?

Short answer, yes! We’re mothers ourselves and we know how children will smear their faces with colors, whether it’s for the right use or not. Our cheek and lip stick is made with shea butter extracted from the Karite tree and vitamin E acetate. These ingredients have a rich source of antioxidants to combat the effects of free radicals, and they have smoothing properties for dry skin.

Where are these products manufactured?

Our products are made in Italy, following the FDA, JP and CEE regulations.